Our door-to-door campaign is now underway

Have you had a chat with one of our staff members or volunteers yet?

Some staff members have already started making visits in the Suffolk, Pleasant Grove and Tracadie areas. If someone has visited your house already and you have feedback, email us at info@WinterTracadie.ca

More volunteers are getting ready and our campaign will be expanding to new areas soon. There is still time to join us as a volunteer for this project. More information is available on the door-to-door page.

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Volunteers needed this summer

Help us out by chatting with your neighbours about the watershed.

This summer we are planning to have staff and volunteers visit every household in the watershed as part of an information campaign, to increase awareness of our group and the issues we face, and also to build our membership. We have created a series of brochures to give interested residents about a variety of topics that are important to us.

Any participation level is appreciated – you can just visit your immediate neighbours or road, or take on a larger area. You can also make the visits whenever it fits your schedule.

Email us for more information: info@WinterTracadie.ca

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