Water Conservation

Save Water. Join our water conservation program.
Most things in life that we think we “need” are really just “wants”. But we can’t live without water. When there is a shortage of freshwater, people realize how precious it is. But rather than wait for a horrible drought, or infrastructure malfunction to realize the value of water, we should always try to use it wisely.

Why is water conservation so important in this watershed?

The City of Charlottetown gets most of its water from our watershed, and this export of water has a big impact on the ecosystem. Our water extraction page has more information on this issue.

“Water Use Makeover Program”

sticker-example2This program is designed to reduce water extraction from the Winter River through conservation, and to track the impact of the project. We will help provide the materials necessary for individuals and businesses to make significant reductions to their water usage. With more groundwater remaining for ecosystem health, all living things in the watershed will benefit from your efforts.

Learn more here or sign up here.


“Save Some Water for Me, Please”

campaign logo

This is a campaign that we created in 2012 with a series of posters and videos on YouTube. Over the course of the summer of 2014 the videos were aired on CBC television as commercials. Thanks to Ellen Andrews for the help in creating these.

The series consists of four short videos on water conservation topics:

For outdoors:

In Bathrooms:

Fixing leaks:

In the kitchen:

Links to more water conservation tips:

The water conservation page of the City of Charlottetown: http://www.bewaterfriendly.com/

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