Special Fundraising Event

Wheatley’s Raspberries will be donating the proceeds from all raspberry sales on Monday August 5, 2019 to Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association.

Who:      Wheatley’s Raspberries have been growing raspberries in Suffolk for 40 years, first picking berries to sell, then transitioning to a completely U-pick operation.

What:     U-pick raspberries will be available at regular prices on this date. Customers can also choose to speak to staff members from the watershed group about the work that the group does.

As a registered charity, we can issue tax receipts for any separate donations made on this date, or at any time

When:    Monday August 5, 2019 from 8 am until noon

               In the event of rain, alternate date will be Tuesday August 6.

Where: 630 Suffolk Road PEI

Why:      Wheatley’s Raspberries is located next to a small stream of the Winter River in Suffolk, and recognizes the value of this local charity in helping to protect and enhance the environment in our community. Water is necessary to support all life in our community and most of the water for the City of Charlottetown. There are so many uses of water from Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed:

  • drinking and cooking
  • showers and toilets
  • brewing local beer
  • coffee shops
  • cleaning the hospital
  • fighting fires
  • fish habitat
  • ice rinks and swimming pools

How:      Come to Suffolk to pick some local berries and support a local charity in the process. Please bring your own containers to transport your berries home.

Grow for the Flow

For the portion of the raspberry season that overlaps with sunflower bloom, these flowers will be available for sale, with proceeds also going to the watershed group.

Next year, Wheatley’s Raspberries encourages other landowners with a small patch of unused land to grow sunflowers, as a way to show their support for the watershed group. Planting sunflowers is also a way to support our local pollinator population.

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