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Thank you for your interest in the Water Use Makeover Program!

To be eligible:

  • Location: City of Charlottetown
  • Must have a water meter installed
  • Must have a copy of the most recent water bill
  • Must own the household/business
  • Complete a short survey

To sign up, please complete a short survey for the chance to be a participant in the Water Use Makeover Program:

Residential Survey:

Business Survey:


Not eligible?

We have another option for you. Make a water conservation team! All participants on the team must be a resident or business in Charlottetown with a water meter. The team with the most litres saved will be awarded a prize at the end of the program! We encourage you to start early and invite more people on your team. The larger the team, the more litres you will save!

How it works:

  1. Make a team name
  2. Assign a designated “Communicator” for the team
  3. To get started – the communicator will email copies of each participant’s most recent water bill to us (
  4. Encourage and share suggestions with each other.
  5. The communicator will continue to submit participants’ water bills to us quarterly.
  6. We will determine what team saved the most water and issue a prize at the end of the program!
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