There are many fun ways to enjoy the watershed. Come explore today!

Canoe or Kayak

See the river up close by getting in your canoe or kayak. The Corran Ban bridge (near the Corran Ban Hall at 1231 Rt 6) is a good place to start off. Depending on the time of year, and whether it is a wet or dry year you should be able to travel several kilometres upstream.

Remember to wear your life jackets!



The Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association generally has a hiking event each year during late spring when the Lady’s Slipper flowers are out in bloom along the Winter River Trail system.

Cathy & hikers 2010

More information about the Winter River Trail is available on the Island Trails website at

Map of Winter River Trail (source)


The Association generally hosts a snowshoe event each winter through the Winter River trail system.


Areas that are suitable for skating:
>Tracadie Cross Rink – Outdoor rink maintained by local community members. Includes lights, heated dressing rooms, and bathrooms

>Some areas of the Winter River are sometimes suitable for skating.


Amy on skis


PEI’s Confederation Trail passes through parts of our watershed, such as Brackley, Suffolk, and Donaldston.

For more information on the Confederation Trail visit

PEI Confederation Trail going through the Winter River – Tracadie Bay watershed outlined in blue


Our watershed includes Tracadie and Blooming Point beaches.

A few reminders before your next beach day:

> Operating a motorized vehicle on island beaches or dunes is prohibited (See Section 22 of Environmental Protection Act). This can lead to erosion and/or destroy the breeding grounds of shorebirds such as PEI’s Piping Plover
> Leave the beach as you found it! Meaning…
-Pick up any garbage you bring to the beach. This includes any food or beverage containers/packaging, food remnants, and dog waste bags
-While sand, shells, rocks, etc. may be tempting souvenirs, they are part of a functioning ecosystem

Piping Plover
Piping Plover bird (source: Sean Landsman)


Fishing is popular around Corran Ban, Hardy Mill Pond and other locations that fishers might be keeping a secret!

Contact the Haviland Club about fishing in Officer’s Pond

Fishing - John te Raa

PEI National Park

National Park is partly within the watershed –

The park has areas for biking, walking, skiing, camping and the beach.

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