“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught” ~ Babe Dioum

We strive to help others understand the watershed and it’s issues through our educational program.

We also introduce our watershed to others through recreational activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, and canoeing, which hopefully cause them to love our area, and see the value in protecting it.


We have invited many elementary school students from Charlottetown to our watershed over the past several years for full day field trips to learn about water issues, including protecting the water we all use, the water cycle, the importance of trees, and much more. Students participate in tours, games, a hike, and then help us plant some trees.

2013-06-05 kids planting trees

Want to do a Science fair or Heritage fair project related to the watershed? Email us at and we will try to provide some help and/or information.

Junior and Senior High School

Canadian Geographic has created a lesson plan aimed at grade 10 students dealing with the issues of our watershed: Conservation Stewardship in Action

University & College

We had an environmental studies student from UPEI work with us on a project in 2012, and would welcome other students. Independent study projects, honours research projects, or even a Masters project involving data collection within the watershed and/or otherwise related to our goals would be a good fit. Projects can relate to a variety of topics, such as water extraction, groundwater, wildlife surveys, fish populations, farming practices, and so much more. Our Watershed Management Plan outlines our goals for the future, and if your project relates to any of our goals and objectives, then we would be happy to work with you.

University and college students are also key members of our summer field staff each year – a great way for students to get some field work experience related to their chosen field of study.

For teachers:

If you would like your students of any age to participate in an educational event or field trip with our group, please contact us to discuss your needs and how your curriculum relates to some of our activities. Then we will try to organize an event that your students will find educational, memorable, and fun.

General Public

We also try to increase the level of understanding in the general public through various avenues:

  • Media such as newspapers, radio and television (see our News Stories section)
  • Newsletters (most recent newsletters are available on our documents page)
  • Social media – Our Facebook page
  • Door-to-door information campaign involved the creation of many general interest brochures and content for our residents.
  • The “Save Some Water for Me, Please” campaign (links to our videos on YouTube in the Water conservation page)
  • Various public events, including interpretive hikes on the Winter River trail
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