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Sarah Wheatley, Suffolk


Board of Directors

volunteer positions, Elected MAY 2021

Clare Martin – Chairperson, Millcove
Dwayne McNeill – Vice-Chair, Charlottetown
Jean-Paul Arsenault – Secretary, Charlottetown
Lowell Vessey – Treasurer, York
George Coade, Suffolk
Hilary Shea, North Rustico
Jay Carr, York
Jeff Bysterveldt, Millcove
John Hughes, Corran Ban
Matt Steeves, Charlottetown
Patrick Lévêque, Suffolk
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Office location:
13977 St. Peters Road
Marshfield, PEI
(just across from the Suffolk Road)
Mailing address:
630 Suffolk Road
Dunstaffnage, PEI
C1C 0P6


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Some of our most recent Facebook posts:

Want to see some Lady's slipper flowers in bloom? Now is the time to hike Winter River trail. We created a self guided tour with lots of information on the area. Follow the blue arrows for a 3.5km hike, with 9 info stations. Watch for extra signs identifying some native trees and other plants along the way.Island Trails, Go!PEI ...
The crew was hard at work today, planting trees and shrubs in an expanded buffer zone. This project was possible because of the ALUS program for farmers - ...
The WRTBWA staff have been hard at work this spring, planting along wetlands and watercourses to enhance the natural buffer zones in our watershed as part of several projects.🌱A buffer zone is a dedicated natural space directly beside a watercourse or wetland. In PEI, the buffer zones are 15m on each side. 🌱Buffer zones are integral to protecting waterways. 🌱 Willow is an important species that was planted in our buffer zones. As this plant grows, it actually absorbs the pollutants in the soil and the micro-organisms produced by their roots break down chemical compounds that otherwise cannot be absorbed. How cool is that?? #conservation #canadianwatersheds #wildlifeconservation #trees #shrubs #planting #nativespeciesrestoration #wetlandsconservation #bufferzone ...

1 month ago

Winter River-Tracadie Bay Watershed Association
One of our staff members spotted this beaver while doing stream surveys east of Tracadie bay this week. ...
Sustainable forest management is an important skill practiced in most watersheds. .Our team learns to selectively remove trees, brush and debris that create hazards and/or form problems in the environment. .Often trees fall across streams and waterways creating impassable blockage points for fish and aquatic species. .Team members are certified in Safe Silviculture Practice by The Department of Forestry PEI; andtoday we were grateful to receive the knowledge and shared skills of George Coade, our long time board member and forestry management expert.Thanks George! .If you have any questions or interest in watershed work or forestry management Or have an interest in joining our teamContact us today!! #conservation #watershedscanada #forestry #stihl #lovelocalpei #freshwaterstreams #watershedalliance ...

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