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Sarah Wheatley, Suffolk


Board of Directors

volunteer positions, Elected sEPTEMBER 2020

Clare Martin – Chairperson, Millcove
Dwayne McNeill – Vice-Chair, Charlottetown
Jean-Paul Arsenault – Secretary, Charlottetown
Lowell Vessey – Treasurer, York
George Coade, Suffolk
Jay Carr, York
Jeff Bysterveldt, Millcove
John Hughes, Corran Ban
Matt Steeves, Charlottetown
Patrick Lévêque, Suffolk
Roger Townshend, Tracadie Cross
Scott Stevens, Charlottetown
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Office location:
13977 St. Peters Road
Marshfield, PEI
(just across from the Suffolk Road)
Mailing address:
630 Suffolk Road
Dunstaffnage, PEI
C1C 0P6


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Some of our most recent Facebook posts:

Thanking our funders from last year and looking forward to a new year. ...
Some photos of one of our forest enhancement projects in the watershed, at Glenaladale in Tracadie Cross. ...
A disappointing discovery at one of our routine water monitoring sites - so many tires dumped! 😟 According to IWMC PEI, the instructions for tires are to "Return them to place of purchase or bring to a Waste Watch Drop-Off Center. There is NO CHARGE FOR TIRES OFF RIMS. A disposal fee will be charged for tires with rims."The worst part is that this place is only 9km from the Waste Watch site in Charlottetown, so it isn't a long drive. ...
A shout out to our partners, who enable us to hire staff and tackle so many projects each year. ...
Forestry Friday - the crew was checking out a long term forest enhancement site, where a dense stand of aging balsam fir is being managed to create a more diverse forest. ...

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