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Board of Directors

Elected May 2017

George Coade – Chairperson, Suffolk
Meghan McCarthy – Vice Chairperson, Suffolk
Esther Currie – Secretary, Suffolk 
Lowell Vessey – Treasurer, York
Cathy Corrigan, Blooming Point
Jean-Paul Arsenault, Charlottetown
John Hughes, Corran Ban
Matt Steeves, Charlottetown
Ryan Winters, Cornwall
Scott Stevens, Charlottetown


Sarah Wheatley, Suffolk


Office location:
13977 St. Peters Road
Marshfield, PEI
(just across from the Suffolk Road)


Mailing address:
630 Suffolk Road
Dunstaffnage, PEI
C1C 0P6

Some of our most recent Facebook posts:

More brook trout activity captured in our river by Sean. ...

More brook trout fun from the Winter River. Here a female dips down to clean her nest of either a dead egg or a small white (dead) snail shell. Removal of dead eggs helps reduce the spread of fungal growth (saprolegnia) thereby improving survival of the remaining eggs. Feel free to share

The Watershed Alliance is hiring a coordinator for a project that includes our group. Application deadline is Nov 20. ...

PEI Watershed Alliance is hiring!

Winter River from below - Sean captured what few see in person. ...

Two brook trout engage in an eons old courtship ritual in the Winter River. Many a hiker have passed this river, unaware of the drama unfolding below the surface. On Saturday I had the chance to lay in the water, watching these beautiful fish make the next generation of brook trout. It was an honor and a privilege to have these fish accept my presence and go about their business inches in front of my snorkel mask. One of the things that struck me was the clean gravel below this particular spawning pair. Too bad all their available spawning habitat doesn't look like that. Sadly, much of the brook trout's spawning habitat across its range has been degraded by increasing development and agriculture within the watersheds they call home. Improper soil conservation practices are a particular problem. Here on PEI we need longer crop rotation periods so that we retain organic matter in our soils and wider buffer zones. Both will help reduce soil erosion and lower the likelihood that excessive sedimentation smothers this beautiful gravel. Having a prosperous agricultural industry AND a healthy environment are not mutually exclusive. There's room for both. Feel free to share

Here are some old photos taken in our watershed. Any history buffs that can add information - feel free to comment. John Hughes, Shirley Johnston, and Tracadie & Area History Project might enjoy these photos. Click on the first photo to see more. ...

Howdy all, I'm a collector of PEI Postcards, and one of my recently solved puzzles might be of interest to this group. The same image was used by different publishers in different ways, all titled differently. The most recent addition finally gave me the location - Winter River. Curious to know if the mill still stands, and what the view from this point in the river might look like today. I'll add four of the other versions in the comments.


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