Challenges & Solutions

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We face a variety of challenges in our watershed. For some challenges, we have ideas about some solutions. Below is a list of some topics that are important in our watershed. Click on the links for more information on each topic.


  • Water extraction – when too much groundwater is extracted, there isn’t enough left for a healthy river and ecosystem.
  • Water conservation – how can we keep more water in the river?


  • Excess Nutrients – too much of a good thing?
  • Nutrient Management Program – our pilot project working with farmers to reduce extra nutrients from entering the system.
  • Buffer zones – what they are and how they help.
  • Field Work – planting trees, enhancing the stream and much, much more.
  • Fish – fish are the basis of hobbies and careers, and also provide information about ecosystem health.
  • Farming – about 40% of our watershed is used for agriculture.
  • Household hazardous wastes –  proper use and disposal is key to protecting our water supply.
  • Forest management – about 40% of our watershed is forested.
  • Industrial areas – we have an ongoing restoration project at a former shale pit.
  • Insects – did you know that insects can tell us about ecosystem health? We participate in a program called CABIN to do just that.


  • Education – teaching children and the public more about water issues. One specific initiative we are undertaking is our door-to-door campaign.
  • Recreation – the watershed is also a place to have fun!
  • Media – news stories help educate the wider community.
  • Sustainability – what sustainability means to us.
  • Government Relations – government policies can have a huge impact on the watershed and environment in general.
We want to hear any solutions that you have. Please email
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